Growth / initiative period
  • Terry Greenwood has a saying” you only know what you know” It’s not particularly profound but it encapsulates the position of many SME’s when it comes to expansion and development. If the business has done well why do you need help and advice from outside sources. The truth is you might not. But you won’t really know that until you examine what you do not know.
  • If you have a strong business and are now looking to grow, expand or diversify we will listen and review your ideas and plans. We will carry out a comprehensive financial review on the current business; perform a full cost benefit analysis of the growth plan; Basically act as a non exec in questioning the plan, the management structure and capabilities, the financial commitment / risks. Help you produce a forward financial business plan based on the expansion plan;
  • What we do know that the All Tax team including Terry have a wealth of experience in business expansion and development in a multitude of industries both in the UK and Globally. That experience built around a strong understanding of your current performance could be available to your company.
  • So with our straight forward honest analysis and views you get to understand if there is anything you don’t know or hadn’t thought of.

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