Limited Companies

Limited companies are businesses that have been incorporated with Companies House and registered with HMRC. They are a separate legal entity to the shareholders and directors. Limited companies are owned by the shareholders and run by the directors. In smaller companies these are often the same people. The directors will also need to be registered with HMRC for self-assessment.

Limited companies can be complex to run and are better for businesses where you expect your profit to be over £20,000 per year. There are specific requirements for limited companies, including a unique company name, a registered address, minimum of one shareholder and director and a SIC code.

We can advise on whether you would benefit from incorporating your business and becoming a limited company or whether it is better to be a sole trader or partnership.

What All Tax Accountants can do for your limited company:

  1. Set up of limited companies
  2. Year-end accounts filing with Companies House
  3. Corporation tax calculation
  4. Year-end accounts and corporation tax return filing with HMRC
  5. File the Confirmation statement (annual return) with Companies House 
  6. Telephone, email and in-person support for basic business advice
  7. Reminders for deadlines
  8. Director’s tax return
  9. Online bookkeeping software (Xero or QuickBooks)
  10. HMRC tax investigation fee protection

Some of the additional services we offer:

  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT
  • Management reports
  • Registered Office address

Keeping on top of your bookkeeping and accounts is essential for business success. You need to know your sales figures and what you are spending on expenses to keep trading, improve your business and pay the correct amount of tax.

Let All Tax Accountants take care of the financials so you can concentrate on running the business.